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Foodbanks are a good resource of free food and basic goods available to all in need, regardless of immigration status.  You can find your local council's contact details on GOV.UK

Find your closest foodbank

The Trussell Trust is the largest franchise of Foodbanks in the UK. You can use their online tool to search by area or postcode to find the one closest to you.  
Alternatively, you could contact Citizens Advice to find out the phone number for your local centre. Your local centre should be able to tell you where your nearest foodbank is and how the referral process works. Click here if you are in England, here if you are in Scotland, here if you are in Wales and here if you are in Northern Ireland.  

Travel to a foodbank 

If you are not able to travel to a foodbank due to illness, self-isolation or because you cannot get the required transport, you may be able to receive a delivery. You will need to contact the foodbank to discuss this. 


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